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Jeff and Molly Dance Bio 2018  (Last Updated 11/1/18)


Jeff and Molly teach from the Korke y Judith Sensual Bachata Mastery Program (the originators of Sensual Bachata from Cadiz, Spain). Their classes are held in Santa Rosa, California. They have been teaching Sensual Bachata together since January 2018 and have enjoyed working with many levels of students under JAS Latin Dance Academy. 

Jeff is a former trainer for Daniel y Desiree World Team Project, San Francisco and other teams under JAS Latin Dance Academy directed by Jose Santamaria. Molly is an aspiring dancer in both Bachata and Zouk dance styles. Together they share their passion for dance with a focus on technique and safety over pattern work in their classes. They have taught together at local venues in Sonoma County and parts of the SF Bay Area as well as festival workshops at the Humboldt Latin Dance Festival. 

Jeff and Molly are members of the Daniel and Desiree World Team Project Performance Team in the SF Bay Area. They have also been training in Zouk under the instruction of Anthony and Collyane Umina, on the San Francisco Zouk Performance Team. Together they bring a variety of dance backgrounds including Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Hula, Argentine Tango, and various other social level ballroom dances.

Jeff and Molly both work full time outside of the dance industry and in their free time try to share their passion, knowledge, and spirit to help grow open and welcoming communities of people.