Sensual Bachata Courses

Jeff and Molly teach from the Korke & Judith Sensual Bachata Mastery Program (creators of Sensual Bachata from Cadiz, Spain). Their classes are held in Santa Rosa, California on Wednesdays 8:30-10pm. They have been teaching together since January 2018 and have enjoyed working with many levels of students under JAS Latin Dance Academy. They currently only teach one select course of Sensual Bachata per session with an emphasis on safety and technique over pattern work.    


Sensual Bachata Level 1​

(Local Beginner Level)

For those just starting out their dance adventure, or in their first 6 months of dance classes, this is the class for you

​Sensual Bachata Level 2​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

(Local Intermediate Level)

Are you ready to add transitions and fundamentals to your Sensual Bachata?  This class is good for those who are transitioning from a different sub-genre of Bachata and need just a bit more before passing an assessment for the next level.  

Sensual Bachata Level 3​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

(Local Advanced Level)

For this class you need to pass an assessment showing knowledge of Sensual Bachata fundamentals and safety.  

Sensual Bachata Higher Levels

(International Levels 4-9)

These levels are by invite only and are restricted to those who have passed prerequisite levels in the series.  

Guided Practice Sessions​​​​

Do you have questions or need a little help?  These practice sessions are open for a variety of students from those who have questions on their first steps to those who want to take an assessment for higher level.  

Fundamentals 2 Bootcamp​​​​

(Sensual Bachata Short Course)

This is NOT a patterns class. It's basically a technical short course covering levels 1 & 2.  Expect a lot of learning and to practice on your own outside of class.  

Private Lessons 

When available, by donating to one of our select non-profit organizations, we offer private lessons in 50min sessions. Please contact us for information and scheduling.